Equine Transition #2 - Page 48

april 2019 | staffing crisis

Equine Transition / 48


This article, the topic of debate in the racing media and the purpose of a multi-million-pound recruitment drive and careers advice service...is to attract and retain you.

You're in demand.

...Provided you work hard, have the skills, are willing to learn and work well with a team. It might be a candidate's market at the moment, but it’s still imperative you do a job. Otherwise, you’re just in the way and putting more pressure on your colleagues to work harder.

Positive Exchange

We believe work is a two way, balanced, positive interaction between both employer and employee. Work is an opportunity and when you’re happy with your working environment you’re super productive and work your socks off. You invest a huge amount of time and effort into your work and so need to fully assess and be happy with, what you receive in return. In terms of financial rewards and also sometimes more importantly, adequate free time, training, development, prospects, potential, connections, experience and living arrangements. One of the most influential things to your life and career is the people you surround yourself with and as the woman of the moment, Bryony Frost said at Cheltenham last month…

“My career is built by my horses and the people around me”