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january 2019 | Job Hunting

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Racing's 'Staffing Crisis'

Over recent months, the racing press and ITV4 in particular, has reported figures on stable staff levels in the UK, in response to various racing industry surveys conducted by the British Horseracing Authority, National Trainers Federation and the National Association of Racing Staff. Here are the key statistics reported…

• There’s a shortfall of around 1,000 full-time stable staff across the country.

• There are 6,734 registered stable staff, 4,428 are part-time.

• 1,509 joined the industry in 2018 (up 9% from the previous year).

• 82% of staff say they enjoy working in a yard.

• Minimum rates of pay up 20% in the last 5 years.

• Stable staff are largely unhappy with the lack of time off, followed by the lack of career progression.

This shortfall in staff puts pressure on trainers and staff already working incredibly hard across the industry, to work even harder. Which ultimately exasperates the situation further by causing staff to move on.

What Can We Do?