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april 2019 | Interview success

Interview Day...

After all your preparation and building expectations of what may happen at interview...try and go in with an open mind! Whatever you’re expecting, you might get something completely different. You could end up with a lovely and informal tour of the estate whilst having a chat, or a few questions around the kitchen table, or a full-on panel interview with various assessments. Whatever it is, try not to let it throw you, take a deep breath, smile and go with it!

Try to keep in mind how you’re coming across, with regard to your body language. Our equine friends are a perfect example of just how much is communicated non-verbally! You don’t want to distract yourself with worrying too much about it, however, try to be conscious of crossing your arms, as doing so can look a bit stand-offish and create a barrier between you and the interviewer. Also, keep natural eye contact, try not to fidget and remember to smile! Basically, be natural and relaxed, as long as that involves looking engaged and approachable!

Crucially, remember the interview is also the chance for you to get a feel for the company and if you’d like to work there. It’s not just a matter of you trying to impress them, it’s whether you feel it’s the place for you.

At some point, usually towards the end of the interview, you’ll have a chance to ask some questions. It’s best to have a few prepared as one or two might get answered during the interview and it’s always good to ask at least one question to ensure you come across as truly interested. Ask anything of particular importance to you and/or shows your interest in a long-term future within the company, perhaps a question about learning opportunities or progression within the company.

Prepare well, go in with confidence and good luck!