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april 2019 | interview success

Equine Transition / 39

Practical Preparation

Plan Your Journey

If you’re not familiar with the area, or the premises then luckily you can check everything out online! Take just a few minutes to check via Google, on the best route, how long it takes and what the outside of the property looks like. This is particularly helpful when interviewing at larger estates that may have more than one entrance! You can also use this to check out local coffee shops, so if you arrive early you can get a drink and make some final preparations in comfort, so you arrive looking relaxed and confident!

Information and Equipment

For practical jobs, it’s advisable to go prepared with your hat, boots and dressed appropriately for the yard and any tasks you may be required to carry out. Added to that it’s also helpful to take a copy of your CV and your covering letter (if applicable). For office-based roles, in addition to your CV and covering letter, or copy of the application form, you might also like to take a copy of the advert and the job description to refer to if needed as well as something to make notes in and with! Have all this readily to hand so that you can calmly find them as needed.