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april 2019 | interview success

Mental Preparation

position?”...on the spot, you might be inclined to say something negative! However, with a bit of preparation, you can turn this around to be a positive answer by talking about your wish to seek new challenges and so on.

When planning your answers it’s useful to use the STAR method, it’s easy to remember and will help you step through your answer. It stands for...

Situation. Task. Action. Result

So when asked something like - “Tell me about a time when you worked under pressure?” You can step through and describe the situation you were faced with, the task at hand, the action you took and the result that came about because of it.


You may well know the organisation however, a little bit of research goes a long way. Nowadays, this is so easy to do and can really help you stand out as someone who’s seriously interested in the role. Take a look over their website and social media to get a grasp of the company history, values, aims and latest news. Try and find something relevant which you can ask at the end of the interview to show you’re interested in a future with the company.

All of this preparation will give you greater confidence and help you make a good first impression.


The interview questions are something we often get fixated on and for good reason. In the office-based roles they generally take up the majority of the interview! However, the concern over the questions can often be linked to numerous negative feelings such as awkwardness, tension, or fear of not having all the answers!

So, remember - they’re asking you about your specialist subject...you! Also, there’s always an answer - even if it’s “I don’t know!” It’s always better to answer honestly, than to fluff around trying to make something up on the spot!

There are so many possible questions, however, you can easily prepare for the more commonly asked such as…

• Tell me a little about yourself.

• What interests you about this job in particular?

• Where do you see yourself in five years?

• Tell me about a time when you worked under pressure?

• Why should I employ you?

• What are your strengths and weaknesses?

It’s important to prepare in this way to help you stay relaxed and answer everything in a clear and positive manner. For example, if you were to answer, “why did you leave your previous