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april 2019 | interview success

Receiving an offer to interview is quite an achievement. The competition is tough and it means your application has stood out above the rest. However, after your initial elation, a feeling of trepidation may set in! There’s only one way to allay this feeling...do the groundwork.

Much like doing groundwork with horses, there are various exercises you can do to ensure you are prepared for what may be ahead. Preparation and planning are key to interview success!

In the equine industry, the format interviews take differ massively, dependent on the role, for example, the interview for a groom might involve a riding assessment, a trial day and a few questions on experience. Whereas, for an office based role, the interview could range from something quite informal to a full-on boardroom style scenario!

You need to be mentally and practically prepared. That means knowing where you’re going, taking the right equipment or information with you and practising your responses to possible interview questions.

“My career is built by my horses and the people around me”