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january 2019 | career cHanges

Many things have changed and improved in the industry over the years...

National Minimum Wage

The introduction of the National Minimum Wage in the late 90s meant fairer wages for grooms. Wages improved as did the work/benefits package as a whole.

General Employment Laws

In general, current employment laws better protect young grooms and workers in the industry. No more working a ridiculously long week, having little time off, living in a leaky caravan for a small wage, rarely even sitting on a horse and your employer expecting you to be grateful!

Improved Training Structure

On the whole, there’s a vastly improved structure for training and progression. With the BHS further developing their qualifications all the time.

Increased Opportunities

More opportunities seem to be available nowadays both in employment and training. There’s a myriad of courses available, with specialist options to advance your career.

Equality and Diversity

This is taken more seriously across the equine industry and a specific diversity group has been set-up in racing.

Improved Mental Health Support

There’s a greater awareness of mental health issues affecting workers and support is available within the industry for those who need it.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety have been improved to a whole new level for the benefit of equine staff. I remember when body protectors were a new concept and basically involved shoving a piece of polystyrene down the back of your jumper! In racing particularly, it’s now mandatory to wear a body protector when riding out. Anything that can be done to minimise or eliminate accidents when working with horses has got to be a good thing.

Equine Industry Evolution

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