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january 2019 | career changes

Equine Transition / 32

Like every pony mad child, I spent every available moment at the riding stables. When I wasn’t there I had my nose in any horsey themed book I could lay my hands on. I’m not from an equestrian background, so I didn’t have the traditional experience of Pony Club, competing and horse ownership that many of my age group might have done as they embarked on their careers. However, one thing I did have no shortage of was enthusiasm. Ever since I can remember I wanted to work with horses and I dreamt of achieving my BHSAI long before I even knew what was involved in gaining such a prestigious qualification! I was the annoying girl at the riding school that bossed all the younger kids around because I was going to be a riding instructor when I grew up…

Elementary Advances Within Our Industry

Dawn Vanstone is a BHS accredited professional coach who’s been working in the equine industry for 27 years. With experience across a number of different yards over the years, Dawn is now a self-employed freelance groom and instructor. She enjoys dressage, showing and showjumping with her home-bred 12-year-old gelding. Dawn shares a bit about her career and reviews the changes she’s seen in the equine industry over the last three decades.

By Dawn Vanstone

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