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april 2019 | marketing a business

Equine Transition / 31

Whether you’re worried about how the UK leaving the EU might impact your business or not, I’d really encourage you to have a look at your marketing strategy – are you clear on who you’re targeting? Where you can find them? The messages you want to convey? Your goals and objectives? Knowing this makes it so much easier to arrive at better decisions, to help you feel more confident in what you’re doing, and to make sure your effort is put into reaching the right people.

There are lots of ways to market your business and there’s not a one size fits all solution. Armed with this, you can find the best combination of solutions for you. You will need to adjust these over time. You will need to try and test things to see what’s working and what isn’t, but with all the above in mind, you’ll build a really clear idea of what's most effective for your business.

Image: ©Leigh Prather - stock.adobe.com