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april 2019 | marketing a business

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Why starting an equine business is a good idea...

Marketing your business can feel quite big and daunting. There are SO many options available to you, whatever line of business you’re in, from sole trader startup to big company with a huge turnover. At all levels, whatever the economic or political climate, marketing your business still relies on you having a clear goal or objective and working towards that.

I should say at this point that these goals don’t have to be fixed, they can be short or long term, and you’re always allowed to change them as needed. However, just having this idea in your head, combined with who your customer is, is really important if you want to achieve success.

There is a lot online about goal setting, and I don’t think we need to get into that here, but I would say to be specific and put a time on your marketing objectives, X new clients by Y, for example. Just saying you want new clients or you want to sell more product doesn’t give you a real aim… if you sell one extra product you’ve technically achieved your goal, which might be exactly what you want, but be clear. It also means you can celebrate when you get there… but I digress.

Set Goals

Know Your Customer

So, let’s work this through… think about your business, the services you offer and the people who are your target customers. Also known as your customer avatars. These ‘avatars’ depict your target customers. These usually include things like gender, age, hobbies, children, job, earnings, etc etc. Some people give their avatars names. Let’s call ours Jane, shall we?

You can have more than one customer avatar by the way. Most people do depending on the services they offer or the products they sell. But for now, we’ll focus on Jane as you really want her business.

Now you need to think about your goals… what do you want your marketing to do? Do you want people to sign up to a mailing list? Buy a product? Purchase a service? What’s your objective? Got it? Excellent. Now you know Jane and what you would like Jane to do… so now the fun starts.