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Marloes Kruiper is based in the Netherlands and is the co-founder of multiple ventures. Alongside Mieke Ament, Marloes runs a holistic practice for animals called Dierpraktijk Beest, a livery yard and is currently setting up Animal Bioresonance, one of the first online portals offering bioresonance analysis for animals in the world. After gaining a whole host of equine, animal, business and alternative medicine qualifications including a BSc Equine Studies and Business Management degree at Writtle College, Marloes has now been working full-time with animals for over a decade and shares how her childhood dream eventually became a reality.

As a child, I wanted to become a Native Indian medicine doctor. However, I was told this was not realistic! After a few years, I finally moved on from this disappointment and decided to become a veterinarian instead.

In the Netherlands, university places for veterinarian courses are assigned by a random draw and I was not lucky enough to be granted a place. I didn’t let this stop me and as a determined 18-year-old, I moved to Belgium in order to commence my studies. Unfortunately, I became terribly homesick and really missed my horse. So I decided to quit and re-apply to study in the Netherlands. Once again, I was unlucky in the selection process and needed to rethink how I was going to progress my career to achieve my dreams.

I was absolutely certain I wanted to work with animals and so started an Animal Husbandry course. In the second year, there was an opportunity to take part in an exchange project to the UK and I jumped at the chance. During these few months at Writtle University College, I switched my studies to BSc (Hons) Equine Studies and Business Management. I fell in love with the UK, the people and decided to stay and finish my studies in the UK instead of in the Netherlands.

After graduation, I wasn’t quite ready to go “home” so I went on to complete a Masters in Business Management. On return to the Netherlands, the Dutch government determined that I had two options, either to pay back a large amount of money or to complete a second Masters degree in the Netherlands. So, naturally, I opted to complete another Masters in International Marketing at Radboud University.