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Equine Transition / 23

april 2019 | embracing change

Seek Opportunities

Change presents opportunities for you to explore. If you’re willing to put yourself forward to help implement changes then you could become the expert on the subject area. With others looking to you for information and assistance. This puts you in a stronger position to gain more experience, progress your career and earn a higher income. If you initiate change you’re in an even stronger position as you’re pushing the changes forward.

Stay Positive

When it comes to your career, positivity is the driving force. Nothing is perfect, however, focus on what you can do, from where you are now and where you’d like to get to. Remember big goals are achieved with small steps. Steps might be - to seek promotion, take on new duties, get a new job, learn a new skill, take a course, start a business or to achieve a better work/life balance.


You can be the change! By embracing change, initiating it and being generally positive about it you can actively encourage and influence other people to react well to change. Encouraging a more cohesive and forward thinking working environment, where you all work well together to get things done.

Embracing change with a positive, can-do, let’s get on with it, typical equine attitude will help you find opportunities and make the most of them in these changing and uncertain times.