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april 2019 | embracing change

In the workplace, change is fast-paced. It might not feel that way sometimes as it can take a while for ideas to filter through and action to get underway, however, often, when a change occurs...it happens quickly. So, here are some positive actions you can take to embrace change in these uncertain times...

Increase Workplace Awareness

Think about the company you’re working in now. How successful do you think it is at the moment? Or how’s your particular department doing?

If you’re an employee, you may have to base this on a general feeling taken from considering various factors you see around you, such as, company decisions, new services or products, or those being shelved, whether sales seem to be picking up or dropping off and personnel movements around the company. Is the company moving away or towards what you do?

Awareness of this will help you know whether there are any moves you could make to stay relevant and useful within your workplace, such as taking on new duties, or shifting towards a different type of role.

Whereas, if you’re self-employed, you’re constantly assessing external influences which could impact your business, so that you can be proactive and make plans.

Prepare For Change

The sooner you become aware of any impending changes the sooner you can prepare. Even if you want to stay exactly as you are - the situation around you may change and so you might need to make changes to stay useful within your role. In any job, you’ll always be asked to take on more tasks (which is a good sign!), your job role will change slightly, people will come and go and your duties will change in response to a company decision or outside influence.

Seeing Your Way Through Changing Times...

You need to go with the flow and put yourself in the perfect position for being the natural choice for the next newly created position, or the newly expanded role, or for moving on to a new challenge elsewhere.

Either way, change will happen and it’s better if you’re prepared for it, accept it and if you can - embrace it. If you initiate the changes you’ll feel more in control and happier with events and the path your career is taking.