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april 2019 | embracing change

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Why You Need to Embrace Change

Being receptive to change helps your professional development. You’re open-minded and ready to do your best to complete the tasks required, even if they’re evolving.

Whereas, if change causes worry, you’re not focusing on how best to approach tasks or situations. Instead, you’re closed off to new ideas or ways of thinking. Which doesn't really help anyone, can be obstructive, gets you nowhere, stresses you out and may stagnate your career. You need to accept it and work with it to keep yourself relevant in the workplace. No one is irreplaceable and you can get left behind. If you do not embrace change you’ll end up regretting your loss of control over the situation, whereas if you take action to improve it you’ll benefit from the personal and professional growth that comes from learning new things.

Change in the Workplace Could Be...

• A new project

• A new computer system

• A new way of working - methods, procedure

• New duties

• Team or company restructures

• A new job

• Changes to the regulations or laws surrounding your type of work/industry

New products to work with

Tradition Meets Change

The equine world is slightly different as there are always going to be some traditional jobs that will continue to exist, such as mucking out. Although, even these tasks are changing, with the development of new products, improvements to rubber matting and the availability of different beddings!

More widely across the industry, you only need to look at the job boards to see regular adverts for numerous roles that didn’t exist 15 or 20 years ago, such as Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager and Business Analyst.