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Change - why are people always talking about it?

Well, because change is constant and inevitable and many people hate it, fear it even.

We’re in a time of change. Now more than ever. Globally, this is a time of massive technological advances. It’s said during the next ten years technology will develop at the fastest rate yet.

Nationally, here in the UK, despite the extensive analysis of the last two years, (as we write this) we’re not quite sure what changes are coming. We just know change is happening and we all need to do our best to work through the uncertainty.

One of the reasons we’re called the Equine Transition is because work is always changing and we believe in accepting change, embracing it, even predicting or instigating it where possible, to make your transitions between job roles as smooth as possible.

Different Reactions to Change

Whilst some people positively embrace change, hope for it and relish the opportunity, others are hugely resistant and find that it can increase anxiety. Resistance is often a natural reaction when someone is pushed out of their comfort zone. However, this is a reaction that does not serve you well during your career and can even harm it.

Whether you naturally embrace or resist change - it’s happening and you need to adapt with it, by either reacting as it happens or by being proactive and doing your utmost to prepare.

Successfully Working

Through Changing Times