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april 2019 | Equine qualifications

Equine Transition / 19

Continuous Development

Even though they’re not based in New Zealand, I decided to continue with my governing body registrations in England. I keep abreast of all the latest news back home as the UK is renowned for being an industry leader in the equine field. I travel back to the UK at least once a year for work and this enables me to complete high levels of continuing professional development.

Equestrianism is my passion in life and continuing to upskill, learn and grow, forces me to ensure I’m always challenging the way I practice while looking for areas of improvement.

There have been many challenges both personal and professional in moving abroad. Being away from family and friends is not always easy, however, I've found this experience has been priceless in learning new ways of horse management and I’m feeling more and more settled as time goes on. Whether you decide to work abroad for a short amount of time or make a long-term move, I would highly recommend it as a fantastic way to blend travel and work while still advancing your career.

#1 - Contact your governing body

#2 - Consider visa requirements

#3 - Contact people with similar qualifications

#4 - Understand the new market and it’s size

#5 - Network

#6 - Use social media

#7 - Sponsor an up and coming rider

#8 - Identify the challenges ahead

#9 - Be customer focused

#10 - Set and achieve realistic goals

Top 10 Tips to Relocate Abroad