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Equine Transition / 15

april 2019 | equine qualifications

Making the Move

Whilst discussing my relocation with the Association of McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapists, I was also keen to find out if they could put me in touch with anyone with similar qualifications working in New Zealand. Fortunately, they were able to and I proceeded in asking a million questions about the size of the equestrian community, how much work was available, who did they have their insurance through and was it a hard industry to break in to? Even though these amazingly helpful people lived and worked in a totally different region of New Zealand, they gave me an invaluable insight into the challenges and opportunities they’d faced when setting up their businesses and gave me some understanding of what to expect.

The next step of moving was to get the appropriate work visa. Although moving as a partner of a New Zealand citizen made the process much easier, the first lesson I learnt was don’t underestimate the amount of time, information gathering and cost it’s going to take to get your visa approved. I had to provide a vast amount of information and it took around 6 months from start to finish to receive my visa. It was also an expensive process, which has ongoing renewal costs until I meet the requirements for permanent residency.

We opted to move while I was still waiting for my visa. Financially this had implications as we went down to one salary, however, I was fortunate that my partner supported us both. Although, we did need to live with his parents for six months and no matter how nice your in-laws are, it’s never easy! Nevertheless, it was a great opportunity to get to know Auckland, get settled and establish where we wanted to be in the long term.

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