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april 2019 | cv tips

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CVs are most definitely not outdated, yet they are evolving to become part of a bigger recruitment process in response to digital influences. They are no longer the only way for both employers and job seekers to achieve their objectives.

Some companies, although not many in the equine world as yet, are placing adverts and accepting applications via social media platforms, mainly LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn is more purpuse-built for this and used more widely by the larger companies as there’s a cost to it. Facebook, has a free feature to place job ads on business pages and a number of smaller equine businesses are starting to take advantage of this.

On LinkedIn, this means making full use of your profile by requesting recommendations from colleagues and adding in media files and articles to demonstrate dedication to your area of interest. Also, make sure the dates match those on your CV! Added to that, recruiters often use keywords to search online, so try to use appropriate keywords in your profiles to enable you to be found by the relevant searches.

Our article “Job Searching Your Way” in our first issue (Winter 2019) went through the basics of setting up your online profiles for job searching (you can read it from page 26 here). However, we’ll repeat one ultra-important point from this article, which catches many people out - remember your online profiles are not personal. Nowadays, companies of all sizes regularly perform what’s becoming known as the “digital interview” which refers to the increasingly common practice of researching applicants online. So, it’s important to only post information you’re happy with potential employers seeing!