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april 2019 | cv tips

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Application Forms

Among businesses, there’s a growing consensus that CVs are open to a degree of fabrication! And in all honesty...they’re not wrong. After ten years or so in the workplace may people need to undertake some serious trimming (or outright deletions and merges!) to squeeze their work experience on two sides of A4. For this reason, some organisations no longer request applications via CV and are opting for online forms. This approach is fantastic for employers as it filters out the non-triers from the start! Recruiting and hiring is a time-consuming and expensive process for companies and online application forms provide the ability to request candidate responses to particular questions to gain deeper insight on the areas which are of particular importance to them.

From the applicants perspective, applying via a bespoke form is much more time-consuming. To submit your best application you need to dedicate a decent chunk of time to adequately demonstrate your knowledge, skills, experience, willingness and the unique qualities you would bring to the job. It’s really useful to have a copy of your CV on screen as you complete the application, to inspire your answers. Crucially, use your CV wording as a starting point and tailor your response to make sure you answer the question fully. Once complete, save a copy of your answers so you have them to hand at the interview.