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april 2019 | cv tips

Remember to...


Where possible make it specific to the job you’re applying for. You can make your application really stand out to the employers, with the careful alteration of a few key words, to more closely align with those mentioned in the job advert, as well as including additional detail on relevant achievements. Basically, amend it to say the same thing in a different way and to make your suitability more obvious.


Read through very carefully to make sure that it’s clear, concise and to the point. Check you haven’t repeated yourself and try to use a good range of vocabulary. Once you’ve edited it, go back and edit it again!


Thoroughly check spelling, grammar and punctuation - twice!


Ensure your formatting is consistent. This makes it infinitely easier for the reader to understand and demonstrates that you care about how you come across.


A bit of simple design and colour can help you stand out, however, unless you’re going for a creative job, keep it low key.


This is basic, but must be mentioned...make sure your contact information is on there.

Stay Positive

You’ve no doubt experienced some difficult situations at work. If you must mention it, try to keep positive and talk about the valuable skills or lessons you learnt during the time, such as how to deal with conflict or pressure at work.