Equine Health Update Issue 2 Volume 19 - Page 42

EQUINE | News the treatments of sarcoids which is always z hotly de- bated topic. Wrapping things up was Dr Steve O’Grady of Virginia Therapeutic Farriery. Dr O’Grady is unique in that he is both a qualified veterinarian and farrier. He emphasised the important relationship between vets and farriers and the skills that each profession can bring to the table for the enhancement of how we treat condi- tions of the hoof in the horse. Finally, the event that many had been waiting for arrived the Zoetis Robin Rous gala dinner! With it being SEAVA’s 50th Birthday the organizers went all out to put on a spectacular function! With entertainment presented the amazing Mo Magic to handing over of cheques to the nominated charities of the Vets with HorsePower and the lucky draw for a drive in a Ford Mustang sponsored by Zoetis. What has become somewhat of a tradition at the gala dinner is an auction for the Saving the Survivors. This year two bronze rhino sculptures made by Pangolin Designs were put up for auction. Both were bought by Dr Cliff Meyer. The rest of the night was dedicated to letting down of the hair and enjoying each other’s com- pany before we all had to say our goodbyes and good wishes for the travels home. Overall, I think this congress was a huge success and I am blown away by the generosity shown by all the vets with their donations to the Saving the Survivors campaign! At the congress we celebrated SAEVA’s 50th birthday as an organization and I definitely think the celebra- tion that we down definitely made this congress one for the books. Lastly, I would like to extend a big thank you to the congress organising committee headed up by Dr Terry Cassey and the Vetlink team for taking on this mammoth task and coming out triumphant on the other side! Without all their hard work and vision this congress would not have been possible. 42 Letter of Gratitude Dear Dr Rohwer and members of SAEVA Saving the Survivors (STS) is a not for profit organisation that was started in 2012 to care for endangered species of wildlife that has either been poached or fallen vic- tim to any traumatic incident. Wildlife most commonly treated are rhino due to the high number of animals that are being poached or shot currently. STS also supports orphanages in South Africa where young rhino or elephant calves are in need of special- ised treatment. The South African Equine Veterinary Association de- cided to run two fundraisers respectively at their annual congresses during 2016, and 2017. During these two events, a total of R 105 000-00 and R147 000-00 were raised from veterinary colleagues that attended the gala dinner. STS is extremely humbled by the support shown by the profession towards this initiative, and we would like to thank Dr Manfred Rohwer, SAEVA and everyone in- volved, as well as everyone that made bids on these two occasions that assisted in raising these funds. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to everybody that contributed. Best regards Johan Marais • Equine Health Update •