Equine Health Update Issue 2 Volume 19 - Page 41

EQUINE | News Grove Veterinary Surgery. Dr Bladon regaled the dele- gates with infections charm and wit and discussed how equine surgery has progressed and steps and protocols that he has put in place in his own practices which have had a huge success in increasing his practices surgery success rate. With Dr Bladon being such a huge English rugby fan and always quick to bring up South Africa’s rugby mishaps, the SAEVA YMG had a little surprise in store for him with a “tribute” video created by McGregor Stone highlighting some of England rugby’s “best mo- ments” that they perhaps would prefer to forget. Next up was Dr Joe Pagan of Kentucky Equine Research presented on equine nutrition and how we should be feeding the modern sport horse. Nutrition is a topic that is often approached with caution by veterinarians due to it not being covered in good detail during vet school so this talk was received by many. He emphasised the horse ability to utilize fat as a source of energy and how it an ideal energy source in hot horses as well as those who suffer from recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis or polysaccharide storage myopathy. After lunch, Prof James Gilkerson of the University of Melbourne viewed infectious diseases and how our approach to these con- ditions has changed. The day was capped off with a traditional South African braai of boerwors, chops and pap en sous to name just a few of the delicious items available. Thursday arrived and with it the last day of the congress. Unfortunately, mother nature decided that the perfect way to end off things was with torrential rains on and off during the day. However, the weather did not damp spirits and with speakers like Prof Derek Knottenbelt and Dr Steve O’Grady on the line up we were set for some high-quality talks. Prof Knottenbelt, of the Univer- sity of Glasgow, was a reverting review of some of the myths we have in equine veterinary science and looked at what is true and what is not. Of particular focus was • Volume 19 no 2 • June 2017 • 41