Equine Health Update Issue 2 Volume 19 - Page 40

EQUINE | News versity of Lyon, who enthralled the delegates with a look back at the history of lameness diagnosis in the horses and what the future holds with the use of lameness lo- cator devices becoming more popular and their results more accurate. Monday evening started off with delegates and guests experiencing a stunning sunset game drive which was topped off with a scrumptious Mozambican fish braai. Great times are always had at the evening functions with plenty of wine and gin and tonics flowing to help with the mosquito repelling of course. Tuesday started off with game drives for those early birds keen to experience the African bushveld. First lec- ture of the day was Dr Jonathan Pycock who reviewed the use of ultrasonography in equine reproductive work over the years and how the technology has improved and what developments are the future will bring. One particular development of interest is the use of colour Doppler as a means to monitor early embryonic devel- opment. Prof Celia Marr presented after the tea break on equine cardiology and again the use of colour Dop- pler technology came to the fore as the newest devel- opment and area of focus. After lunch, numerous scien- tific abstracts from our local delegates where presented ranging from reporting on the newly establish standing computer tomography machine situated at the Equi- care group by Dr Angela Rogers of Blue Hills Veterinary Hospital to the use of ultrasonography in evaluating the larynx in post-laryngoplasty horses by Dr Sean Miller of Summerveld Equine Hospital. Tuesday night was just more relaxed with a substantial buffet dinner satisfying the hunger of the delegates after a long day of lectures and game viewing. Once again Wednesday kicked off with early morning game drives exciting both locals and international del- egates with sightings of the famous big five. First up for the day was the famous Dr Bruce Bladon of Donnington 40 • Equine Health Update •