Equine Health Update Issue 2 Volume 19 - Page 38

EQUINE | Business monthly administration fee. There are no penalties for pre-payment. So if you can settle the outstanding bal- ance say after 6 months then there is no early settlement charge. MediWallet credit can be used at all MediWallet accredited partners. As with all revolving credit facilities the balance becomes available once it is repaid. If you are a veterinarian trying to decide between pet insurance or medical credit cards, my advice would be to accept both options. The products are designed to target different customers, offering alternative options, making your practice more appealing to a wider audi- ence. From the perspective of the veterinarian, a primary benefit of the MediWallet is that it replaces in-house ac- counts or payment plans. It is understandably hard to digest writing off bad debt however, what is often not considered is the time invested in recovering outstand- ing debts. Veterinarians should focus on doing what they do best, which is providing quality healthcare to animals. Pet insurance is a good option for those comfortable to make monthly pre-payments, whereas MediWallet caters for customers who can’t make a lump sum pay- ment immediately, but can afford the procedure over 18 months. To qualify for a MediWallet account simply send us an SMS to 48832 in the following format: Name*Surname*ID Number*Gross Monthly Salary All-Inclusive Safari Equine Course - 6 Days of Lectures, Practical Sessions & Amazing Wildlife Mongena Game Lodge, Gauteng Early bird discount before 31 July SAEVA Members: R9 900 Speakers : 5-11 er b m e Nov eng Gaut Virginia Reef - Diagnostic Imaging Roger Smith - Orthopaedics Scott Pirie - Equine Internal Medicine Tom A.E. Stout - Equine Reproduction Andy Fiske-Jackson - Equine Surgery Ky Mortensen - Director of Operations For more information and registration: http://www.vetpd.com/courses-detail.php?event=292 38 • Equine Health Update •