Equine Health Update Issue 1 Volume 16 - Page 31

Diagnostic Imaging Quiz Answer a) LM b) DLPaMO (the palmarolateral skin lesion is likely associated with the bony lesion therefore the DMPaLO view would not be the next view taken) c) If only the LM view was taken: radiological changes: a. Mild soft tissue swelling proximal palmar metacarpus area b. Focal skin irregularity and increased opacity palmar proximal metacarpal area c. Focal shallow concavity proximal diaphysis either Mc2/Mc4 d. Irregular vertically orientated mineralised sliver within the Mc2 (or Mc4) concavity e. Sclerotic Mc2 (or Mc4) bone around the concavity f. Focal periosteal new bone palmar Mc2 (or Mc4) immediately distal to concavity distal d) Sequestrum formation with associated early involucrum formation and sinus tract, proximal palmarolateral aspect Mc4. Question on page 22 • Volume 16 no 1 • March 2014 • 31