Equine Health Update February 2017 Issue - Page 17

9. “7 day stand-down from racing for i/a medication” rule proposal. It was agreed to take this proposal on the Information Roadshow to get the opinion of the trainers. The NHA is going to be severely criticized by the international community if it does not start to implement some form of this rule. The stand down period is open to negotiation and ultimately the National Board is going to have to make a decision. They shall be provided with as much information as possible, as well as with the general consensus from the Roadshow. The current proposal is a 7 day stand down, i.e. can inject Saturday to race the next Saturday. This is only 6 clear days. England is currently 14 clear days (16 all in all) and Australia is 10 clear days (12 all in all). 10. Website and communication channels. The website is in the process of being updated, but will eventually be completely revamped. The NHA shall be exploring numerous IT possibilities to help improve communications. There is a newsletter being produced each month and SMS’s shall also be utilised more in future. Findings of positive inquiries must also be made available on the site once inquiries are completed. 11. Welfare and retirement of racehorses – rule changes for owners. This rule has been in effect for a while now and the NHA is very aware of the issues surrounding its implementation and shall try to address the stumbling blocks as they appear. It was suggested that the trainer be permitted to sign on behalf of the owner, as they have an Authority to Act. This proposal shall be put to our legal advisors for comment. Another suggestion was utilising the passport and putting a stamp inside it. This shall be explored further. Dr Wheeler shall be working hard at promoting this rule over the next year. 12. Roadshow. The NHA has undertaken to present an Information Roadshow, which shall be taken around the country, beginning 22 September 2016 in Gauteng. All new rules and changes will be discussed as well as the guidelines on the use of cobalt containing supplements. Cobalt shall only be tested for on race day. It is therefore not necessary to record all cobalt containing supplements in the VTR. This information shall be disseminated during the roadshow. 13. General. a. Stipes presence at yards. It was agreed that the Stipes shall increase their presence at the stable yards around the country as this is seen as a great deterrent. They must check on the amount of feed available, as many trainers are constantly borrowing food from their neighbouring trainers. b. P Smith inquiry. It was requested that the NHA relook at the outcome of this inquiry, now that it has been before the Inquiry Review Board. c. Vet at SAEVA conference. It was requested yet again that the NHA senior vet attends this conference and presents relevant data regarding lamenesses etc. d. Threshold levels of Reference Specimens. Reference laboratories provide levels for threshold substances, as does the NHA. Screening levels are not normally provided but may be specifically requested. 14. Date of next meeting. The next meeting will be held at the National Sales in April 2017. Date to be confirmed. • Volume 19 no 1 • February 2017 • 17