Equine Health Update February 2017 Issue - Page 15

EQUINE | Report MEETING: NHA & SAEVA EXECUTIVE MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD BETWEEN THE NHA AND SAEVA ON THE 18TH OF AUGUST 2016 AT 09H00 IN THE MUSEUM OF THE TBA SALES COMPLEX. M MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD BE- TWEEN THE NHA AND SAEVA ON THE 18TH OF AUGUST 2016 AT 09H00 IN THE MUSEUM OF THE TBA SALES COMPLEX. Present: Mr L Barends Managing Director NHA Dr S de Kock Laboratory Director NHA Mr A Hyde Racing Control Executive NHA Dr D Wheeler Senior Vet NHA Dr M Rohwer President SAEVA Dr T Casey Racing Subcommittee SAEVA Dr M Dittberner Racing Subcommittee SAEVA Dr A Sheppard Co-opt SAEVA Dr A Parker Racing Subcommittee SAEVA 1. Welcome. Dr Wheeler welcomed everyone to the meeting an thanked them for finding the time to attend. 2. Attendance register and apologies. Apologies from Dr B Parker. Dr M Ross was a “no show”. 3. Acceptance of minutes of the previous meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted. Proposed: Dr M Rohwer. Seconded: Dr T Casey. 4. Matters arising from the previous meeting a. Equine Research Centre (ERC) regarding research and cobalt trial. The ERC is battling to obtain funding so they have had to cut back on their expenses and as a result have retrenched their groom and will dispose of the horses. It appears that there are no trials necessary at this point in time. Dr de Kock to provide what information he has available on Soluspan (Betamethazone) and Predef (Fluprednisolone). Dr de Kock has not been able to source the anabolic steroids he requires for a trial. It was agreed that should any trial be required in the future, then the horses required would be sourced for just that trial. The costs of a temporary groom would have to be factored in as well. b. Vets supplying and administering vaccines and VTR number on labels. While the SAVC did not agree to the use of the unique sequence number of the VTR on the label of prescribed medication, the NHA is prepared to accept the sequence number on the label, provided all the necessary information is in the VTR. If the vets are prepared to defend this form of labelling at the SAVC, then there is no reason not to make use of it. c. Expired and unused medication and 30 day script. The new rule is now in place. Vets to please help ensure that it is complied with. d. Definition of a “Treatment Record”. This definition has been expanded to include the discharge form from a registered veterinary hospital. e. Detection times – Soluspan and “in house” detection times. Dr de Kock provided information on “Soluspan” and • Volume 19 no 1 • February 2017 • 15