Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 03 - Page 52

EQUINE | Executive Committee News vitals and exchange drips – before and after the ride. For me personally, this was an amazing experience and I learned so much in just a few days. Students had the opportunity for asking questions throughout the weekend, and rotating from one vet to the next allowed us to get an insight from how different vets would approach the same case differently. It was also much informative to see how decisions were made regarding rules and regulations, especially since this was a FEI event. The big one, Fauresmith, took place from 3 – 5 July. Here students saw a different aspect of endurance riding. The vets had to drive out to the different legs and again students helped at the lanes as well as the treatment area. I also assisted Dr. Ingrid Cilliers to find students to assist her at Sondela endurance ride. Dr. Elza Hollenbach also provided an opportunity for students to assist her with radiographs at various endurance rides for her MSc. Every event was so worth it, not just from a personal point of view, but also based on all the feedback that we got. I would highly recommend any student (regardless of their equine experience) to attend an endurance ride. This is the one place where you gain knowledge that is invaluable, while getting hands on experience, in just a few days. This is where you see how vets from all over the country come together to work as such an efficient team – in order to get the best outcome – no matter how different each person may be. 52 • Equine Health Update •