Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 03 - Page 50

EQUINE | Executive Committee News 2. EHV-1 There were a few cases of suspected, unconfirmed, EHV-1 respiratory disease in young racehorses at Fairview race course. 3. Piroplasmosis There were three cases of confirmed T equi at the Fairview race course in TB racehorses and two cases in riding horses in the Lovemore Park area of Port Elizabeth. (Cases were confirmed on blood smear and presenting clinical Sx.) 4. ECOD Disease Reporting I am grateful to John Grewar and Camilla Weyer for all the work they have done in connection with EDOD and intend arranging meetings with local practices to progress ECOD disease reporting in the PE area in April and May 2018. Ashley Parker and they gained a lot of hands on experience by being present when the consulting veterinarians did the X-rays of the horse’s legs and they were taught why each view and positioning of the leg was important. Students were also allowed to look through the endoscope to see how to assess the larynx and gain the knowledge on how the grading system works. The students could watch the sales and interact with the owners gaining an inside perspective of the racing industry. The veterinarians from Fourways Equine clinic, Baker-McVeigh, Summerveld Vets and Drakenstein vets, were very helpful and explained concepts in a manner that we understood as well as answered all our questions. Students may benefit more from the pre-auction vet checks, as more procedures are done at this time eg. Radiographs, trot ups etc. The post-sale vetting included the endoscope to assess laryngeal collapse as a condition of sale e) Western Cape Foal Talk f) Central provinces There have been confirmed cases of african horse sickness in Bloemfontein and Kimberley.There is also an uncofirmed case of Middleburg virus at Rooispruit, Schoembie - Gavin Rous YMG Report National Yearling Sales The NYS happened on the 24-26 April 2018 at the Germiston sale yard. The event was orchestrated by Dr. Manfred Rowher, who allowed students to shadow him as well as other veterinarians that were working there. In total 8 students attended the sales 50 On the 23rd May, Dr Rissa Parker presented to the SAEVA YMG members her Foal Talk. It was a well attending event with 32 students attending. Dr Parker’s talks was presented in a way to aid Day One Proficiency for a future equine vet. She took a more practical approach over a clinical approach – commenting that we will be taught the clinical but she wanted to impart knowledge and experience that she believed would most aid us in the future. She would happily do a more clinical approached talk in the future for senior equine students. She began by discussing mares in late gestation and the most common issues encountered with the owners and the mares as well as preparations to the big event. • Equine Health Update •