Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 03 - Page 48

EQUINE | Executive Committee News next point. Where there are no nominations for Nwo I simply nominated SH. 1. Phenylbutazone (pbz) As stated at the congress I have taken up the task of attempting to try to obtain a ‘limited use of Pbz” in Sa. As you all know Pbz was banned some three years ago now. An appeal was lodged just less than that period. In terms of the law the Dept of health(Doh) should have responded to the appeal. Nothing has been forthcoming. In between Saeva has had varying meetings Doh. One proposal for assessment was turned down. Another structure has been put in place although not submitted as yet. After the February congress I had a meeting with prof Vinny Naidoo. He raised a few more issues which I think we can comply with. Also last Thursday I had a meeting a vet council (vc) with Clive Marwick and two gentleman from Daff . One of which was a representative at Doh, dr Mphane Molefe. Dr Molefe undertook to familiarize himself with the case and appoint a working group to discuss the re-admission of Pbz. 2. Saeva sports horse committee (Shc) At our inaugral meeting held recently with Wessel Strauss (Sg of Saef) and Shellagh Higgerty (Head vet of Saef) the following points where discussed- 2.1 Welfare officers. Saeva had been previously asked to contribute names to Saef so that these veterinarians could potentially be elected to become National Welfare officers(Nwo) for that discipline. A lot of names were listed but unfournately with a heavy equestrian discipline and a regional bias. It has also come to the fore in between that Nwo’s need not necessarily be veterinarians. The list as it stands will be submitted to Saef and the names can be presented to the disciplines for evaluation but the llst will also be used for another purpose, To be discussed in the 48 2.2) Solidarity Funding. Saef will need to get veterinarians in place to assist with the welfare at shows. There will be “grandfather” clause that all current Fei veterinarians will be Saef registered veterinarians but it is envisaged that this will not be enough. Saef has 6000 swiss francs in place to run a congress to educate veterinarians on the Saef Structure. This congress needs to be held before the end of the year. Saeva will assist in a-holding the congress and b- identify veterinarians to be invited to this congress. This is where the Now’s list will come into play. The list needs to embroidered with multiple veterinarians from each discipline. Decisions on how to do t Secretary Report 1. Membership No new members to add outside of student members. Great interest from student body - 31 new member applications to approve. 2. Meeting with YMG Members Had a quick lunchtime chat with prospective members to give them some idea of benefits for being a SAEVA young member. Reasonable turnout and good response with regards to applications. Big drive to get multiple talks etc going for them throughout the year. 3. Communication with Members A need has been identified for an instant and "easy • Equine Health Update •