Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 03 - Page 47

Executive Committee News | EQUINE Excerpts from Executive meeting - April 2018 Full committee reports can be accessed on the SAEVA website www.saeva.co.za The Disease reporting video created is included at no additional cost at regional SAVA events. Treasurer Report 1. Members 3. New Members The Membership invoices have been issued. The Association has a total number of 207 active members , comprising of the following: New Members for approval: - Student members for approval: - • 35 students, • 2 Young Members • 1 Associate Member. 4. Bank Statements As at 31 March 2018 The total amount that has been paid ,in the form of Membership fees amounts to R129 030.00, of which R2100.00 are fees contributed by students. SAEVA Current Account: R56 612.41 Money Market: R76 018.55 Investor Account: R523 827.22 2. Congress The 2018 SAEVA Congress held at Goudini Spa in Worcester rendered an Estimated profit of approximately R60 000.00 An Audited report will be made available in May 2018. Sponsorship of R20 000 was made available to the YMG for attendance of the SAEVA 2018 congress. Regional congresses are being sponsored to the amount of R5 000.00 - R8 000 .00 each. For Information EVE subscriptions for 2018 are still available at a significantly discounted price Chairmans Report It is a fairly short period after the executive meeting in Feb. 2018. So there is not too much feedback to be given. • Volume 20 Issue 3 | October 2018 • 47