Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 03 - Page 4

Chariman’s Report Terry Casey Chairman SA Equine Veterinary Association Cell: 083 327 0237 Once again the year is nearly over. Christmas is less than ninety days away ! Again!! Each year seems to go quicker and quicker and their never seems to be enough time in the day to finish everything that needs to be done. I recently attended the annual Beva(British Equine Veterinary association) congress on behalf of Saeva. Our our old friend Johnathan Pycock as now the ex-chairman. The incoming chair is Renate Weller. Renate has promised to make Sa her congress of choice for next year so we look forward to seeing her at Saeva 2019. Beva, as always, is a fantastic congress to attend. There are always multiple sessions running at the same time leaving you with a huge variety of talks to attend and always rueing a few missed opportunities. For me undoubtedly one of the highlights of this year’s congress was getting to meet Princess Anne. Princess Anne is Beva’s patron. Another highlight of this year’s congress was listening to this year’s plenary speaker, Juan Samper. Juan Samper is also an old friend of Sa’s. He expressed a desire to return to Sa in the future. Juan spoke about the challenges that the veterinary profession faces in the future. The topics ranged from the changing demographics of the profession to the role that technology will play in the future. One of the reasons that Saeva committee has decided to for attending Beva each year is the attend the International Equine Associations Presidents Meeting (IEAP) meeting . This meeting started some 10-odd years 4 ago and each year it goes from strength to strength. This year there were 20-odd “presidents” present from various associations around the world. I am always surprised at the number of communal problems that exist between the different associations. This year, as always, there was a round table discussion with what each president perceived to be the three top challenges the profession in that country/association is undergoing. There was undertaking from this year’s Beva chairman to work on a communal solution for what was perceived to be a global issues between the organisations. The two points that were selected as the most common problems were antibiotic stewardship and the lack of young veterinarians entering the profession Antibiotic stewardship was deemed to be an emerging problem by most of the professions. Some countries, for example Spain, have legislation in place requiring antibiotic prescription to be logged at a central data place. Some countries, for example the Usa have no requirements as yet. Everybody, however, seemed to like the Beva system. It would not surprise me to see that this programme becomes the most accepted programme globally. As a side line for those of you that don’t know Saeva has elected to use the New Zealand System for its A/b awareness initiative. Also on the website under the Procedures and policies section is a suggested • Equine Health Update •