Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 03 - Page 3

Editorial Welcome to the third edition of the ehu for 2018. We again have a selection of abstracts which we reproduce with kind permission of the Equine Veterinary Journal. The collaboration with BEVA and the Beva affiliate membership for SAEVA members remains an invaluable and inexpensive source of CPD. Members should can view sample webinars on the eBeva website. The Equine disease quarterly produced by the University of Kentucky gives us a useful overview of some of the challenges our veterinary colleagues around the world face. Of particular interest in the US is the continued problems with West Nile Virus and also sporadic cases of equine rabies. South African veterinarians will be aware of both of these diseases. Equine rabies is rarely diagnosed in equine practice in this country but it remains an important differential diagnosis for many medical conditions. Our CPD article for this edition is kindly supplied by Dr. Caryn Rademeyer. Equine pleuropneumonia in my experience is a relatively uncommon diagnosis in our equine population however we do see cases from time to time and making an early diagnosis and instituting appropriate treatment is critical in the outcome. Dr. Rademeyer’s article is a useful update on this potentially life threatening condition. Finally we have some SAEVA committee news and NHRA press releases. Members are reminded they can access committee reports and SAEVA meetings agenda and minutes on the SAEVA website. Thanks to Heinrich and Madaleen at Vetlink for putting this publication together. Johnny Cave • Volume 20 Issue 3 | October 2018 • 3