Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 03 - Page 21

NHRA Excerpts | EQUINE • Arsenic: This is an element naturally contained in the environment. It is contained in certain preparations, such as tonics and preparations with the claim of improving the coat, body condition and appetite of the horse. A high dose of arsenic is well understood to be detrimental and poisonous to the horse. An elevated level of arsenic is prosecuted as a prohibited substance. • Devil’s Claw: Preparations of this herbal product are known to be used as a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory in horses. Such preparations contain the active ingredient Harpagoside which is a prohibited substance in horseracing and other disciplines. The use of such herbal products in the racehorse requires a withdrawal period of at least 48 hours. STUD BOOK TO INTRODUCE A NEW PASSPORT WHY A NEW PASSPORT DESIGN? • New and additional pages required for AHS vaccination and movement control records • Up to date international (ISBC) requirement compliance • It incorporates a new “centre page” design • It incorporates new NHA corporate look • Robust plastic outer cover • Breeding indicated as “2017 Ubuhle x Captain Al” terminology of “Unnamed” phased out • More characteristics of an NHA document in colour and logo design CHANGES TO EXISTING PAGES: • The intention of the Confirmation of Identification page is that it can be used by persons in an official capacity (also others than NHA Officials) • It can be used to record when the horse is formally identified - identification such as by Veterinarians during castration, Sales Companies and by Equine Health Officials • More pages for vaccination entries • More writing space in places NEW PAGES: There are now several pages added for AHS and AHS Regulatory Control • • • • • • WHAT HAS CHANGED? • • Still all of the previous pages, some are just somewhat changed • More of the pages which are critically required • Of course there are some new pages • No more paper stickers on the outside of the passport • Horse details can be read through clear plastic cover without opening the passport (and possibly making it dirty) • • Regulatory Events Laboratory Health Test Controlled Medication Treatments There is an extra page for records if space runs out The last page is important for international export compliance and records This page can be used to show retirement from racing / breeding The four horse specific pages will be printed in Stud Book, in colour Pre-printed pages and the cover will be added before stitch binding There is space provided on each page for name changes by means of a “name change sticker” (with a watermark) • Volume 20 Issue 3 | October 2018 • 21