Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 03 - Page 19

NHRA Excerpts | EQUINE NHRA EXCERPTS Rule change 53.5 A HORSE which is scratched from a RACE on veterinary grounds shall be automatically suspended from taking part in a RACE for 8 DAYS, calculated inclusively, from the date of the RACE from which it was scratched, provided that the OWNER or TRAINER of the HORSE affected, may instruct a licensed veterinary surgeon to examine such HORSE and in special circumstances, the SB may lift such suspension. [Amended 20.07.2018] NOTICE TO ALL TRAINERS. - AMENDMENTS TO INTERNATIONAL PROHIBITED / FORBIDDEN SUBSTANCE THRESHOLDS The NHA has introduced the following additional international prohibited / forbidden substance thresholds. These are in line with corresponding amendments introduced by the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA). These thresholds, which relates to NHA Rule 73.4.4 are effective 1 August 2018. • Testosterone - 100 picograms free testosterone per millilitre in plasma from fillies and mares (unless in foal) • Prednisolone - 0.01 microgram free prednisolone per millilitre in urine This information is published under the Laboratory section of the NHA website. EPISTAXIS SUSPENSIONS The duration of the suspensions imposed on horses suffering an epistaxis has been carefully considered by The National Horseracing Authority Veterinary Surgeons. It was established that after studying the relevant statistics over the past Racing season that there has been no noticeable increase in epistaxis in horses that return to racing, following a 60 day suspension after a first episode. The proposal was approved by the National Board of Directors to maintain the suspension for a first bleed of 60 days and to reduce the suspension for a second bleed from 180 days to 120 days. Furthermore, a horse (after suffering an epistaxis) will return to non- bleeder status following 3 (three) clear races of not suffering an epistaxis. This information will be published on our website • Volume 20 Issue 3 | October 2018 • 19