Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 02 - Page 54

EQUINE | Equine Disease Reporting ECOD Report Jan-May 2018 Top reported diseases African Horse Sickness African horse sickness was reported from across the country with cases occurring in most Provinces. Most cases were reported from the Sol Plaatjie municipality in the Northern Cape Province where 8 cases were logged. The spatial distribution of the cases reported is probably an accurate reflection of where the majority of the cases have occurred, although the case totals reported on ECOD are lower than what would be expected when the information is compared to previous DAFF annual reports. Case numbers reported from the Free State Province, where generally lower numbers of cases are reported to occur compared to Gauteng or KZN, are probably more accurate. As more practices and private veterinarians become part of the ECOD reporting structure, under-reporting on the system is likely to improve, and the ECOD data will converge with that of the official reporting structures in the country for controlled diseases. 54 • Equine Health Update •