Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 02 - Page 44

Skin / Hoof EQUINE | SAEVA Penicillin / Gentamicin if Procedures and Policies Cellulitis Oxytetracycline or Subsolar abscess severe Not indicated Doxycycline Not indicated Subsolar abscess with P3 involvement Folliculitis Ocytetracycline / Doxycycline Not indicated Penicillin & Gentamicin & Metronidazole Penicillin for Strep infections Drainage alone usually curative Antibiotic use policy Gastrointestinal der to comply with good antimicrobial stewardship ely rests on a document produced by the New Zealand Veterinary Periodontal disease Trimethoprim & Oxytetracycline or on-it most closely resembles the South African situation. Sulphadiazine Doxycycline or us by Dr Pia Randleff-Rasmussen- Drakenstein Veterinary Clinic Periapical ascessation Oxytetracycline or Penicillin Core Principles Acute diarrhoea Doxycycline Controversial If recurrent, rule out keratoma Topical treatment including antiparasitic and/or antifungal treatment Controversial he impacts of antimicrobial use on human and animal health is made by all r administering antimicrobial agents. Peritonitis MILD Trimethoprim & Oxytetracycline or ditions that could require antimicrobial therapy is a key focus of veterinary Sulphadiazine doxycycline Peritonitis SEVERE Penicillin & Gentamicin Penicillin & Gentamicin ntimicrobial agents only as required to maintain their health and welfare. & Metronidazole g the number of animals given antimicrobial agents are employed where this Bacterial cholangiohepatitis Trimethoprim & Penicillin & Gentamicin Condition First Line Alternatives se animal health or welfare. Sulphadiazine al agents are used, dose rates and regimens are designed to improve efficacy Urogenital ment. nts considered more important in human medicine are not used as first line Cystitis Trimethoprime & Penicillin & Gentamicin only employed when use is likely to deliver superior outcomes. Sulphadiazine Pyelonephritis Consider IVRP AM use is controversial. Consider FEC. If neutropaenic, Penicillin / Gentamicin. If parasitic, Abs not indicated unless necrosis of bowel If parasitic, Abs not indicated unless necrosis of bowel Biopsy sample should be submitted for culture Notes Caution with aminoglycoside nephrotoxicity Penicillin & Gentamicin Caution with aminoglycoside nephrotoxicity Post foaling endometritis Trimethoprim & Sulphadiazine Penicillin Penicillin & Gentamicin Ecbolics Post covering endometritis Penicillin (IU) Mastitis Penicillin Penicillin & Gentamicin (IU) Penicillin & Neomycin Ecbolics more imp than Abs. Abs only in problem mares Conjunctivitis Fusidic acid Neosporin Local therapy for all ocular problems Mild corneal ulceration Gentamicin Most cases trauma Severe corneal ulceration Consider artificial tears/ plasma Gentamicin Ciprofloxacin Melting corneal ulceration Ciprofloxacin Consider keratomycosis Ocular Miscellaneous 44 Endocarditis • Equine Trimethoprim & Health Update Penicillin & Gentamicin Sulphadiazine & • Blood and urine cultures before therapy