Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 02 - Page 41

n order to comply with good antimicrobial stewardship t largely rests on a document produced by the New Zealand Veterinary ociation-it most closely resembles the South African situation. ted for us by Dr Pia Randleff-Rasmussen- Drakenstein Veterinary Clinic Core Principles n of the impacts of antimicrobial use on human and animal health is made by all ling or administering antimicrobial agents. f conditions that could require antimicrobial therapy is a key focus of veterinary ive antimicrobial agents only as required to maintain their health and welfare. ducing the number of animals given antimicrobial agents are employed where this promise animal health or welfare. crobial agents are used, dose rates and regimens are designed to improve efficacy treatment. l agents considered more important in human medicine are not used as first line nd are only employed when use is likely to deliver superior outcomes. • Volume 20 Issue 2 | July 2018 • 41