Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 02 - Page 4

Chariman’s Report Terry Casey Chairman SA Equine Veterinary Association Cell: 083 327 0237 This year certainly has been an interesting one in all respects. The change in the country’s President , the Gupta scandal and the debate about the “land issue”all seemed to have made reverberations throughout the country. On the equine side the Steinhoff saga has had serious implications in the thoroughbred racing industry. However, there are not to many equine industries in the world that can claim to have lost their biggest owner in the space of a couple of months and seemingly carry on as normal. By comparision, Saeva has had plain sailing the last few months. Individual committee chairs will no doubt have issued reports if they feel that their is anything tho report back but from my perspective I would like just like everybody to take note of the following issues. It has been decided to try a slightly new format for next years congress. The congress will take place very largely over a weekend. This is too limit the time away from the practice and hopefully encourage more delegates to attend. The congress will be from the 22nd of February to the 25 th of February 2019. The two main speakers will be Natalie Crevier-Denoix and Lee Morris. Natalie will be talking abo WB&V7W&f6W2BFR7BFW&V`'6W2Frv7BVR2&W&GV7F7V6Ɨ7@g&WrVBFRfVVR22WBVFV6FVB'W@'&FFFR6w&W726VB&R6VG0w'BF2Wrf&Bv&Rw&FVgVǒ66WFVBFPVvWF"vFR6RFR&Bb&6#Bv&R&W6VFVB'V&RFV@6Wf6FV6FVBBG27BWV7WFfRVWFrFR7VbWf&RF7W'BFR&Vv6w&W76W2FW"'G2bFR6VG'FRbF0vVB&RF&fFR&R( ƆG2( VGV6Ff"FP&7FFW"v&'FW&W7B2BWVW26WfW&V&W'2bFRw&WfR&VVFVFfVBB6V@F767BF2&Vv&G2F2FFW6W27VW'2खFǒFW6R6w&W76W2v&RW6VBF&FRFPWrWVRF6V6R&W'Fr77FVFWf6VB'w&Wv"6֖vWW"2&VGGFVFVB6WfW&`FW6R&Vv6w&W76W2&Vbb6WfvW&R6P27FfVǒ&VVW&vrFRFVVvFW2FvWBffV@vFF277FVB2ƖRFW&WB&6VBBfW'6RFW6RbFW&R&RVW&W2vVBGf6P6F7FrVFW"6֖"FRVFFRv`F277FVvVB&RFV&RV6W"fVVB`WVRWBb6WFg&6FvRw&VRFBFP&R'6W2FR&RW'FVBFR&vvW"FR&VVfB@vVBfRFFR'6RGW7G'vVW&F2vBvVBfR6VffV7BFFRfWFW&'GW7G'2vVv7BvR&RFRW'Bb'6RvRpFBFW&R&R6WfW&77'B&WV&VVG2f"VG'FFRvW7FW&6RFRfWFW&&2ffVBvWfW"&W'BFBFRvRFR6W'Ff6F`FR'6R2B&VrFR6'&V7FǒV6RvV@W&vRWfW'&GF6V6WFR6'&V7B&6VGW&PFfrvV6W'Fgr77'G2( "WVRVFWFFR(