Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 01 - Page 42

EQUINE | ADVERTORIAL 187 MAINTAINS GASTRIC HEALTH FERMAID EASE: a natural feed ingredient to help maintain gastric health in intensively managed horses at risk from gastric ulcers FERMAID EASE 187 is the product of the fermentation of soya fl our by specifi c lactic acid bacteria L. delbrueckii lactis Rosell-187. FERMAID EASE is successfully used in human that are subject to gastric ulceration. FERMAID EASE maintains gastric health Gastric Ulcers are a signifi cant issue for many types of horses including racing and performance horses, mares at stud, foals and leisure horses. Gastric ulcers are lesions that develop in the lining of the stomach or gastric mucosa and their number and severity can vary according to a diagnostic scale of 0-4. Gastric ulcers are common and the prevalence in racehorses is estimated to be near to 90% (Murray and al., 1996). The development of ulcers occurs when the inherent mucosal protective mechanisms (mucous and bicarbonate secretion, increased blood fl ow and cell turnover), are overwhelmed by the aggressive action of gastric acid and other protein digesting enzy Y\˂\H\HX[H[X[Yۜ[X][H\[Hو[[\X\Y[\]Hو\]]K[[\X\X]ܚ8)H]BXZܚ]Hو[\\\\\[XZ[[[ TPRQPTB(\]Z[HX[\]H8(]X[[\ۋY[[\\][][Nݙ[X[B\B\Y\\]\BSSUPBܙX]\\]\BX\œX]\”SԒPUPB[[\Y[ێ\XX[X‰[ܚXY[ۂ[[[