Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 01 - Page 41

EQUINE | SAVC News Benefits for the country by employment of Animal Health Technician at Co-operatives, Wholesalers and others • Improve animal health through extension services; • Improve production through education; • Contribute to the fight against AMR resistance; • Contribute to food security and safety; • Promote the One Health concept; • Add value to the implementation of Primary Animal Health Care for all; • Provide regulatory contact points for veterinary services in the country at co-operatives Improve farmer knowledge, improve production and add value for money; • Provide a link and support to both state veterinary and private veterinary sectors. Benefits for Feedlots when they employ Animal Health Technicians Many pharmaceutical companies perform research at feedlots therefore if they employ AHTs then their products will be handled by qualified and well trained. AHTs who are accountable which is not the case when lay persons are employed. CONCLUSION and WAY FORWARD The South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) as regulator of the profession of AHTs is recognising the value of AHTs and exercise its powers to ensure that lay persons are not employed to render the services of AHTs. Many veterinarians in private practice work as consultants in feedlots which is positive for the health of animals and humans but when they leave the feedlot after their visits who is handling the medicines? Veterinarians should be encouraged to advise that AHTs be employed at these feedlots. Leaving animal health services in the hands of lay persons is contrary to food safety concerns of the country. It is through the above motivation that registered qualified animal health technicians should be considered for employment in the feedlots, cooperatives and wholesalers to ensure food safety (protecting consumers from food related health risks) and to promote animal production( reduce losses caused by animal diseases). The South African Association of Animal Health Technicians possesses the list and contact details of unemployed animal health technicians. NEWSLETTER 88, MARCH 2017 OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN VETERINARY COUNCIL NEWSLET- TER 88, MARCH 2017 OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN VETERINARY COUNCIL • Volume 20 Issue 1 | April 2018 • 41