Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 01 - Page 37

EQUINE | SAEVA News In Memory of Jim An trobus www.sportingpost.co.za 08 December 2016 Dr Jim Antrobus, who described himself as an equine neonatologist and gynaecologist, is – despite his pro- testations –one of the best-loved vets in the country. Reproductive vet extraordinaire, Highlands’ resident expert for many years, Jet Master’s personal physician and breeder of recent CTS Sales race winner (and Fil- lies Guineas 2nd) Safe Harbour. Jim Antrobus is, as one long-standing breeder stated firmly, ‘a treasure. An absolute treasure!’ James Herriot (or more correctly, Alf Wight), loosely styled himself on P.G. Wodehouse and one description runs, “the Herriot stories include sad and poignant pas- sages, which you never find in Wodehouse – but both authors were writing nostalgically about a halcyon world that had long since disappeared.” Fortunately, the world from Dr Antrobus’ stories is still very current, mainly because he never fails to find the wonder – and the humour – in almost any situation. • Volume 20 Issue 1 | April 2018 • 37