Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 01 - Page 3

President’s Report Terry Casey Chairman SA Equine Veterinary Association Cell: 083 327 0237 April already ! A lot has happened in this year already. Firstly let me “ Thank “ Manfred Rohwer for the sterling job that he did over the last two years as the outgoing chairman of Saeva. Manfred arrived with a goal two years ago and virtually every goal that he set himself wrt. Saeva was achieved. It is going to be a hard act for me to follow over the next two years. Let me start with some sad news though. One of the doyens of our profession, Jim Antrobus, passed away recently in Australia. He was there for a peritonectomy to be performed when he was diagnosed with an abdominal mesothelioma early in December 2017. He will be sorely missed in the profession. A kinder,more considerate person did not exist. We pass on our condolences to his family. We are already a third of the way through the year, so as everybody knows the congress has come and gone. Once again we had a very successful at Goudini spa in the Western Cape. I have been to many congresses in my career but each and every Saeva congress has a magic feeling of its own. In my opinion Saeva has managed to maintain a “happy” mixture of academics and social interaction. Top class speaker’s always create the right ambiance but it also the interaction within the group that it is important. The committee will attempt to maintain this mixture to ensure success of the group and for success of the congress. Next years congress planning now falls on the new(present) Chair(wo)man- elect Dr Angela Rodgers. Angela moves out of the “treasurer “portfolio which she as held for many years. Now that she is chairman-elect she becomes congress organizer . I don’t think she would mind if I let it slip that next years speakers have been lined up. Congress 2019 will have reproduction/ dynamic landing theme and is supposed to take place somewhere in Kzn. However, please don’t book the third week in February off just yet as we have decided to hold the congress slightly later in the year and ,also, over a weekend to limit time away from the practice. But more about that from Angela a bit later. To fill the gap created by Angela Rodgers moving into the chairman elect position Angelo Nichas has moved from from executive secretary of Saeva to treasurer. Summer Maitland-Stewart becames the executive secretary for Saeva 2018-2019. That completes the core executive committee of Saeva except for the outgoing chairman that serves also serves on the core executive. Unlike the core executive committee there has not been a lot of change within the individual Committee’s. Manfred has relinqiuished his position chair of the racing sub-committee so into this position steps Dr Mark Dittberner. Mark ,as I am sure everybody knows, works for Bakers McVeigh in Summerveld. Over the years that I have been involved in Saeva this group has made the most significant advances of any other group within Saeva. Ten years ago when I was first chair there was very little to no interaction between Saeva and the National Horse Racing Authority. Now there is a very close interaction between Saeva and the Nhra. May this keep going from strength to strength under your chairmanship , Mark. The only other group with any change is the procedure and portfolios committee. This used to be chaired in combination with dr Martin Denkhaus and Carla Langley. Carla has dropped out leaving Martin in control of this sub-committee. The Procedures and portfolio subcommittee has a new set of terms of reference(tor’s) so I think we will be hearing a lot more from Martin in the next two years. The other chairmans of each sub-committee are Sport horse committee- dr Sheelagh Higgerty , Medicine sub-committee- Glynn Catton, Stud health committee- Martin Schulman, Welfare committee- Caryn Rademeyer, Young members group- Theunis Griesel, Communications committee-Johnny Cave, state liaison and disease reporting- Camilla Weyer. I urge each and every member to check the website at www.saeva.co.za . Each and everyone of these sub-committee chairs have done a huge amount for work Saeva. The new look website in itself is an example of all the work being done behind the scenes. The elected regional representatives for this year are Gauteng- Meghan Jennings, Kzn-Bronwyn Keys, Western cape – Mark Walton, Central Provinces- Gavin Rous, and Mpumalanga –Albertus Coetzee. The regional represenatives tor’s have changes slightly in that they are going to be much ,more active under Camilla Weyer’s disease reporting committee. Once again I would urge all members please to assist these regional representatives when they contact you with regards to disease reporting . I wish all my new committee a pleasant two years. Let’s have “lots of fun”, and thanks for all the hard work each and everyone of you do. It does not go unnoticed Regards Terry Casey • Volume 20 Issue 1 | April 2018 • 3