Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 01 - Page 27

EQUINE | Annual Report The communications committee got a new chairman in Johnny Cave. Tremendous work has been achieved with the EHU. The Facebook page as well as the website and the finalization of the agreement with BEVA. The welfare committee lead by a very capable Caryn Rademeyer has been very proactive. Caryn is also on the SAVA welfare committee. Welfare is becoming extremely important in the sports horse, race horse and endurance horse disciplines. The challenges will become greater each year and extremely important for SAEVA and the Equine. The sports horse committee lead by Sheelagh Higgerty has performed very well in the light of many upheavals within the sporting bodies. This remains a huge challenge for SAEVA to influence the sporting disciplines of SAEF to comply with accepted equine welfare principles and traceability issues. The disease reporting and state liaison committee have again been working very hard in their role in movement control, disease reporting and export/import advice and research. Bev Parker, with the assistance of John Grewar and Camilla Weyer have done excellent work. Disease reporting has become very important. The education of all equine veterinarians as well as mixed practitioners is a focus of SAEVA through support of local SAVA congresses with improved equine content. Medicines committee under the steady guidance of Glynn Catton has again been very involved with regulation changes as well as transgressions within the industry. All these matters potentially will affect the way we practice in the future. With Glynn being on the Medco of SAVA and David Gerber being coopted on to the Board of SAVA, I see an even improved effectiveness of this committee going forward. Racing committee has had a reasonably quiet year and main focus has been on welfare in the form of second career assessments for horses retiring from racing. Meetings are well structured and the RSC is a well respected body in the racing fraternity. As chairman of the RSC, I will be stepping down as of February 2018. I do feel that much has been 6WfV@BFRFR2&vBf"FRVvW"V&W'2FVBF26֗GFVR&6VGW&W2BƖ6W2V@''FFV涆W2B6&vW26fW''FB6֗GFVRFRFW&2b&VfW&V6RvW&PB6V&ǒ6WBWB'ח6VbF22BFRWV0vVFFFV&FRB&W7G'V7GW&RFR6֗GFVR&PVffV7FfVǒגF涖r2FFfFRFR6֗GFVRF( FV66( B( &6VGW&^( 'FFRB&Pf7W6VBBFVFRFV666֗GFVRF7W'@FR&W6FVBFV66&VFVBVW&W27GVBVF6֗GFVR2&VV&VFfVǒVWB'W@6R'FBf&F''F66V&Vv&Fr4TBFW"F6V6R&F62p2&VVW6VVBVFW"FRWrVFW'6`Rf'7FW"BvF7V66&VV6fR&W'@FV"VFGVFRbWfVG2B2U5B&VBFPVF'6&w&v&RG27&BV"F2V"FR6VvR2FVWFR6V6F2vp&WGvVV7GVFVG2BVF'2FR6VvW2BFRWVRFW'FVBFW'7FW'BfR&VVFBFW&Rv26W&W26b7FfbBV7GW&W'2F2FW'FVBF2&W7VFV@FV6ƖRFRV&W"bWVR7GVFVG2Bw&VB66W&f"FRWVR&fW76vFFR7&V6rffVVBb4Ud&W6FV@4dGFW'2vVBƖRF6WF66'BƗ7BbW &W76&ƗFW2F4dBFRfWFW&'&fW762vR( 4Ud2r&W&W6VFVBFR&&Bb4dB4dUD4( 4Ud&W6FVB2FRfVF6b4d2vV2FR&VVW&F6֗GFVRBFRF67FW vVVB6֗GFVR( FW"V&W'2b4Udv&R4d( "fVR#77VR&#( #p