Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 01 - Page 26

EQUINE | Annual Report SAEVA President Annual Report 2018 Dr. Manfred Rohwer As we are aware it is a voting year for SAEVA and this means a new leader and some new faces possibly in the executive. This is always an exciting time and lends itself to opportunities as well as some challenges for the new blood. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the helm. I have faced some exciting challenges within the organization as well as improved our relationship with our parent organization SAVA. In my period as president I also had the privilege to host the 50th anniversary of SAEVA (EPG) at the Congress in Skukuza with a massive local turnout of members and the largest ever contingency of International Speakers. This I must thank Terry Casey for and The Trade who where most supportive in sponsoring speakers and ensuring the most amazing Gala Dinner. Thank you Zoetis! There have been many duties and responsibilities in the role. I will give a short account of what we have achieved and then goals that we as the executive have set ourselves for the future. It all started three years ago after a most enjoyable trip to the AAEP Congress in Salt Lake City with Terry Casey where we had much time to debate matters of SAEVA. 26 1. The executive was planned to have a ‘Core’ executive to make meetings easier and decision taking faster. The ‘secretary’ position was reintroduced as we felt the demands on the President were increasing and especially archiving and safe keeping of resolutions needed to be improved. 2. The regional representatives were increased from four to six. Their terms of reference slightly changed to become primarily involved in disease reporting and then also getting involved in the local SAVA congresses to improve equine content rather than organizing local CPD themselves. 3. The Committees remained relatively similar but for the introduction of ‘procedures and policies’. This has however been a little frustrating as I have not been able to finalize terms of reference for this committee even though it remains very important. There are detailed committee reports attached as well as on the website, and I will not go into details of each as they are clear to comprehend. Much work has been done by the Congress organizing committee, headed by Terry Casey, with a great venue and speakers for this year as well as plans in place for 2019. • Equine Health Update •