Equine Health Update EHU Vol 20 Issue 01 - Page 23

EQUINE | SAEVA Congress SAEVA Congress 2018 Theunis Griessel SAEVA YGM Chairman On the 11th of February, 11 Veterinary students from the University of Pretoria disembarked to the Western Cape to attend the much anticipated annual SAEVA Congress at ATKV Goudini Spa. It was to be held from the 12th to the 15th of February and would host international speakers: Dr Virginia Reef (Diagnostic imaging) and Dr Warwick Bayly (Equine medicine), as well as our very own Dr Antony Goodhead (Ophthalmology). When we arrived Inone Voster (outgoing YMG chairman) and I were invited to attend the executive meeting. It was a wonderful opportunity to see how the executive committee is structured and how they deal with and resolve certain issues. Once the meeting was adjourned the more social side of SAEVA Congress got underway with the Welcoming cocktail evening. The students were asked to help with the registering of the delegates as they arrived, and so we immediately started interacting with the vets and members of trade, strengthening old relationships and building new ones. Monday morning started early with registration of the last few delegates that were still arriving. Dr Manfred Rohwer started proceedings by welcoming all the delegates, thanking the trade and highlighting the importance of the mentorship program between Veterinary professionals and students and how it needs to continue and grow. Dr Clive Marwick, SAVC chairperson, then gave a lecture on the various concerns relating to the medicine and related substance control act, dispensing licences and compounding licences. The days programme consisted of very interesting lectures from Dr Warwick Bayly and Dr Virginia Reef. A trade session was held where members of trade had an opportunity to introduce themselves and promote their products. Tea and lunch intervals were given between the lectures which the students utilized to socialize with the delegates. A radiology quiz from the University of Pretoria and Prof Ann Carstens was also run by students during this time. In doing so, students were able to learn from practicing Veterinarians on diagnostic imaging techniques. • Volume 20 Issue 1 | April 2018 • 23