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Contents Disclaimer: This communication is intended exclusively for members of the South African Equine Veterinary As- sociation (SAEVA ) and may not be Equine Piroplasmosis in South African 8 Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy 13 shared in any way whatsoever without Dorsoproximal P1 Fragments in UK Thoroughbreds 15 the express permission of the Editor or Cranial Nuchal Bursitis 17 Levetiracetum Pharmacokinetics in Foals 18 SAEVA Congress 2018 23 SAEVA President Annual Report 2018 25 Equine Disease Quarterly 30 Spirit of SAEVA Award 36 In Memory of Jim Antrobus 37 The Role of Animal Health Technicians 39 Sponsored Article 42 Corneal Ulcers 48 SAEVA Chairman. Published quarterly for the South African Equine Veterinary Association (part of the South African Veterinary Association.) Expressions of opinion, claims and statement of supposed facts do not necessarily reflect the views of the EHU, editor or publisher. While every effort is made to report accurately, the EHU, publisher or the editor does not accept any liability with regard to any statement, advertisement, fact or recommendation made in this magazine. Editor: Johnny Cave Editorial Publisher: Vetlink Media Solutions Advertising and Production: Madaleen Schultheiss Cover: Nicolene C. Swanepoel The year has started at a furious pace and the annual congress has been and gone in a flash. I was fortunate to attend the first day of the congress as well as the pre congress SAEVA executive meetings. The congress is a truly unique event with such world class speakers for a relatively small group. The YMG have kindly provided a congress report for this edition of the EHU. Members can access the full congress proceedings through the website. BEVA have reported a good response to the affiliate membership and we have included more information for this offer for SAEVA members. BEVA have also kindly extended a 30% discount to their annual congress to all SAEVA members. The promotional code included in this edition can be used to access this discount. On a sad note it was extremely bad news to hear of the passing of Jim Antrobus. I would guess most SAEVA members would have met Jim at some stage and I think unanimously it would be agreed that Jim was a wonderful person and a credit to our profession. We include a few pages in this edition in memory of Jim. Finally thanks to Madaleen and Heinrich at Vetlink for putting this magazine together. Heinrich has recently taken over from Danielle and has done a great job in a short period. Johnny Cave Communications Committee 2 forwarded, disseminated, copied or • Equine Health Update • Designer: Heinrich van Rijn Contact details: 012 346 1590 www.vetlink.co.za Email: admin@vetlink.co.za We welcome any comments, contributions, topic suggestions and letters for publication. Send them to: The Editor, Equine Health Up- date, PO Box 232, GROENKLOOF, 0027 Tel: (012) 346 1590, 082 575 6479 Fax: 086 671 9907 webpage: www.saeva.co.za Email: admin@vetlink.co.za