Equine Health Update EHU Vol 19 Issue 4 - Page 25

EQUINE | Report Affiliate Membership Proposal SAEVA Member eligibility for BEVA Affiliate Membership Affiliate membership applications is now available via the following link: beva.org.uk/Home/Membership/howtojoin BEVA would like to collaborate with SAEVA and open its digital member benefits to interested SAEVA mem- bers. Having reviewed the technological and financial challenges we consider that the most efficient way of achieving this is by offering individual members of “sister organisations” the opportunity to join BEVA (at a highly discounted rate). Principles Any arrangement must be: • Fair to BEVA members - SAEVA members and BEVA members would need to pay a similar amount per ben- efit used. • Fair to each association - it should encourage indi- viduals to remain members of their “home” associa- tion. The primary BEVA benefits that might be valuable to SAEVA members would include: • Free Online access to EVE and EVJ (these come as a package which is paid for on a “per member” basis. It is not feasible to separate them). • Free access to BEVA Apps. • Free access to the BEVA Webinar Library. • Reduced rates for Congress/CPD. UK based BEVA members receive the following addi- tional benefits which are less to be valuable to mem- bers outside the UK: • Practical CPD courses held in the UK. • Advice and guidance specific to the situation in the UK. • Representation to the UK authorities. • Discounts or services restricted to the UK. Proposal BEVA would be happy to offer SAEVA members “Af- filiate Membership” providing access to all the digital benefits incl. journals (EVE and EVJ online plus EVE and EVJ apps), BEVA apps, webinars, website etc. at £109.50 per year (currently 123) The membership deal would only be open to individu- als who, at the time of application/renewal, were both a. Resident in Southern Africa and. b. Members of SAEVA. During the joining process members will be asked to confirm that they are members of SAEVA. We would, however, also send a list of the names of new Affiliate members to SAEVA for validation on a regular (e.g. quarterly) basis. • Volume 19 no 4 • December 2017 • 25