Equine Health Update EHU Vol 19 Issue 3 - Page 8

EQUINE | Equine Disease Update Science-in-brief: Clinical highlights from 50th Con- gress of the South African Equine Veterinary Association 2017 Compiled by Dr Sean Miller and Keith Spargo for EVJ Reproduced with the permission of the Editor, Equine Veterinary Journal. The original article can be found Equine Veterinary Journal, 49: 266–268; http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/wol1/doi/10.1111/evj.12678/full Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the South African Equine Veterinary Association (SAEVA) congress took place in the beautiful Skukuza Rest Camp, Kruger Na- tional Park, South Africa from 12 to 16 February 2017. Thirteen international speakers presented research and clinical information to over 300 veterinarians, nurses, students and trade delegates. The combination of the African bushveld and top class equine veterinary knowl- edge set the scene for a one-of-a-kind experience for the delegates. Clinically significant highlights from the congress are summarised below. Orthopaedics Prof Wayne McIlwraith discussed the advances in the diagnosis of osteoarthritis. A large amount of work on computed tomography (CT), particularly by Kawcak [1], looked at the ability to determine density of bone and predict early (precatastrophic) changes. CT also provides value as a diagnostic tool for the equine stifle, particu- larly when looking at the cranial meniscal ligament. Fris- bie and Barrrett [2] have pioneered the use of diagnostic needle arthroscopy in combination with ultrasonogra- phy of the stifle as a minimally invasive procedure. The use of serum biomarkers to predict early osteoarthritis and injury has been validated [3] and could be used to channel patients to relevant diagnostic imaging modali- ties, or the adjustment of training regimes of the equine athlete. With respect to recent advances in treatment of joint disease, intra-articular use of triamcinolone and hy- aluronic acid have been shown to be more effective as 8 singular rather than combination treatments [4,5] while the use of i.v. hyaluronic acid remains unvalidated. Oral use of hyaluronic acid is supported by good evidence [6] and interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein therapy has been well validated; however, the use of corticoste- roids at the same time is contraindicated. Intra-articular stem cell therapy, using bone marrow derived mesen- chymal stem cells, has shown to be extremely useful [7], particularly for the treatment of osteoarthritis and regrowth of damaged menisci. Clinical highlights: Standing CT of the distal limb is be- coming more readily available (including in South Afri- ca) expanding diagnostic a &ƗFW2f&RvFWBFPVVBf"vVW&W7FW67W&vW'"'Fbv&FR7BfWrV'2&V@WVR7W&vW'2ffVB&VGV6rFR&62766ЦFVBvF7W&vW'BFRW7FWF2ÕG"''V6P&F7VvvW7FVB2&W6VFFFBRbFPv2b&VGV6r6Ɩ6F22V7W&r&RЦB7BW&FfR6V6Ɨ7B26WFVBvrFP7W&v6BW7FWF2FVF&RgVǒ&W&VBf FR7W&vW'WVRW7FW626WffVBG&ЦF6ǒFR7BfWrV'2FRF&B6fFVFVV'bW&W&FfRWVRfFƗFW24UTbv0&F֗6VBG&6&rW&W&FfR'FƗG&WGvVV6fW&RBFRFR&W7VG2vW&R@66W6fR6vr6vf6BFffW&V6R&WGvVV( "WVRVFWFFR(