Equine Health Update EHU Vol 19 Issue 3 - Page 10

EQUINE | Equine Disease Update sonography may allow detection of small lesions, pro- viding the opportunity for early intervention. Stem cell therapy seems to be promising. Reproduction Ultrasonography has changed equine reproduction over recent decades and Dr Jonathan Pycock stated that currently one of the most promising areas is the use of colour Doppler imaging. This has the potential to pro- vide information on the status and future success of an embryo [20] and the measurement of blood flow in the follicular wall is a useful means to forecast when ovula- tion is going to occur [21,22] in addition to being an ear- ly indicator of the future position of the embryo proper [23]. This will hopefully lead to the ability to predict em- bryonic death and, when evaluating twin pregnancies, may allow for determination of which embryo should be terminated. Early embryonic death (EED) remains a major concern in the equine breeding industry due to the resultant economic losses. Factors influencing EED can be divided into external (nutrition, transport, sire effects etc.) and maternal (hormone deficiencies and imbalances, uter- ine environment, age and lactation). It is often assumed that the most common cause of EED is a lack of proges- terone brought about by l ]X[[YXY[H]]KBXZ[X]XH]\^[\\\ۙH܂\[\HYX]H[][[QQ XX[Y[Y]\\ۙH\\HB\Y[X\\]X\Y]\[HY[XH[[\BY[\ܜ\]][H]H[YHو\^[Z[][ۂ܈Yۘ[H MH^\H̍KHۘY[\[X\B[ܛ[ۙH ۔ HYۚ\\\[[\Y]B][X]Y[H\HYK\\[[\Y[ۈš[ܙX\HYۘ[H]H̍8$̍H]]^X\XXBX[X[ۈ\[ۛۋ]][ ̍H\ܝY]X]Y[]\\[[ۈ^H LY\ݝ[][ۈYYۚYX[HYX\\\[\XH\\ۙBLۘ[][ۜ܈H][]X]H[ۋ\Yۘ[܂Yۘ[X\\˂[Y]\\Y[Y\HۚXY[\]]HB\\X\\YHX\[HX[[\KB[[\\ۙ[وH[Y]][K\ۙKB[ۋ]\\[H\H][][Y]\›X^H[ܙX\HH\و\\[YY[Z[XY[BY]]\\[Yۘ[H]\[[ܙX\[\›وQQ[Xܝ[ۋ[Y]\\\XYۛYXBH[HوH[Y]][K\H\HH[][ۋB\]Y[HX\x&\X[]HXYHYۘ[[XZ[Z[HX[HYۘ[H[[\H[H^[و[Y]\\[ X[\X\ \[œZ\[\[H[H[\\H̎  WK\B[HYY\\HX[[\]\X\H[Y][HX\ٝ[[Hۙ\K\[B\[X[Z][[X\YY\]][ۋ]BY[ۈ]H\X][ۈ]XH\܋BX[HH[H]X[Z][Y\]][ۈ\Bܙ\]H\X\HWK\H\HYY ]\œ\ܛH[ܙH\Y[Z[X[YY\ۈH[\XوXYXܛ\و[[\Y\]][ۈ[] BH[X[][ۜوܜ\XܛH[Hق\]Y\X[\\[\ˈ]X[X[][ۈ[XZ[[\XBو[\\\X[\H]HX[\][ۈ] [\B\X[]X[X[][ۋL Hوܜ\\HXH[B۝\ ܈H[XZ[\وܜ\]۝\[\[\X]Y[X^HH\]Z\Y̗KX]Y[š[YHYYX[\Hو]Z[Y[H܈[XX[\[ݙ\B[ۈKYHܚ\Y[ۙH]]X[X[][ۈX^HHH\]XHZ][[\YXB\Kو[XHX\[\\Yݙ[X\[Bܘ\XX\]Y\܈\\[Y[ۘ[ \[Y\[BX[[ۙ]Y[[[X[\[[ۋ Y[Y[[ۘ[Z[[XY[x$H[\YH\[XY[K\H]\[H[XX[\\X\X™[[ۈ[ܙHXY[H[۝[[ۘ[ Y[Y[[ۘ[(\]Z[HX[\]H8(